Dream cream

li's quest for the "dream cream" took a professional turn as she embarked on her career with existing cosmetic giants; first modeling for Revlon, then acting as a spokeswoman and trainer for Redken, Matrix Int., L'Oreal Paris and Trionics Enzymes. As sales manager and educational driection of a major health and beauty products manufacturer, she more than tripled sales in less than 2 years. At this pivotal point, Oli became Sales and Education Director of of one of the top 3 global cosmetic maufacturers. Working alongside a cosmetic chemist at Lange Lab (later known as Lange' Paris) in Hayward, California, Oli transitioned from industry chic to laboratory geek; first cleaning vials, then formulating products and sending them into the field to be blind tested, and finally creating the "dream cream" - ReGen De Peau - the world's only all-natural, time-released, single-step anti-aging skin care regimen. The "dream cream" became a reality. Science had finally met simplicity.

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