What Sets Oli Cosmetics Products Apart From the Competition?

Pene-Fusion 8™ Technology makes Oli Cosmetics, LLC products a stand out in the multi-billion dollar skin care industry. This advanced technology allows our ingredients to live together encapsulated and remain active ingredients after the package is opened. The encapsulation is broken and the time released penetration and restoration of skin begins with tapping application of our crème. 
Formulated in France and found only in the most pristine waters of Europe, PeneFusion 8™ Technology includes MDI Complex, as well as, UGL Complex and BMX Complex. Additionally, our proprietary formula contains every amino acid known to enhance and regenerate skin. 
UGL is a new European breakthrough in dermatological science that improves skin barrier related issues. This ingredient is acid free with a PH of 5.5, providing calming, cooling progressive exfoliation from within. This eliminates the need for harsh scrubs and/or glycolic acids that actually remove the outer layer of skin. We exfoliate from the inside out.  
BMX is a lipid complex derived from tomato and barley extract.  This complex increases hydration and production of collagen, along with elastin proteins being increased a full 70+%.  Ultimately BMX serves as a catalyst for your body to increase its own production of collagen and elastin. 
MDI Complex (Marine Derivative Innovation) is our powerhouse ingredient. Harvested from pristine waters in France, MDI contains a group of endogenously regenerative marine enzymes. MDI has been proven in Europe to be the most effective ingredient of its kind to perform at the molecular and cellular level in areas of dermatology, ophthalmology and oncology. Currently there is no other ingredient in the world that lays such a powerful strengthening protective barrier on skin surface, bonding in synthesis or cell accumulation. This is the ingredient that leaves what we refer to as our “liquid bandage” that protects against free radicals and other environmental sources that can damage skin. 
Our products do not contain parabens, petro-chemicals, added colors or  fragrances; thus making it ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin...all backed by full outside medical clinical testing by Stephens and Associates 

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