Lavender ICE Geleténe*

*Coming to a mirror near you Winter 2018
Lavender ICE Geleténe, an encapsulated hydrating enzyme gel formula provides perpetual cell reconstruction and hydration through fluid cell fertilization.
Use with RéGéN De Peau II with Pene-Fusion 8™ Technology to achieve up to 50% greater reduction of deep forehead lines and vertical lines around lips and eyes. Utilizes our trademarked gel cream technology, to create an I.C.E. (Inner Cellular Expansion) liquid bandage to protect and hydrate the skin. Encourages perpetual cell reconstruction to cool and soothe the discomfort of severely dry skin conditions. Tightens and redefines appearance instantly.
Lavender ICE II / All Over Soak Geleténe Three drops of this icy gel in your bath and a three-minute soak relaxes and soothes pain associated with tired, sore muscles, provides incredible hydration and rehabilitation for severely dehydrated skin and softness for the entire body. With Lavender ICE II / All Over, you may never want to use body lotion again! 

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