RéGéN ac / after care*

Utilizing a trademarked gel cream technology, RéGéN ac with Penefusion 8™ penetrates the dermis eight levels deep to create an I.C.E. (Inner Cellular Expansion) liquid bandage to stop the burn of chemical peels, radiation, lasers and catastrophic tragedy. RéGéN ac creates an atrium affect on the skin that maintains oxygen, hydration and ph, while adding the basic components necessary for new skin to grow. The Pene-Fusion 8™ formula heals without irritation and resurfaces the skin tissue from within, greatly reducing the need for painful reconstructive procedures. The first after care treatment that can be applied immediately following any chemical or laser procedure, and applied directly to burns or wounds. RéGéN ac / after care is highly recommended by doctors, estheticians and laser companies for the ability to: •Form a gel barrier on outer skin •Encourage 4X or up to 400% faster cell accumulation and renewal •Provide an invisible bandage •Expedite healing from invasive procedures

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