RéGéN De Peau II with Pene-Fusion 8™ Technology

RÉGÉN DE PEAU II with Pene-Fusion 8™ Technology is a revolutionary gel crème formula like no other on the market today. Taking the place of 8 or more products normally used by today’s image conscious men and women, RÉGÉN DE PEAU II works with the speed of enzymes, the power of peptides and the healing of nutriceuticals. Catalyst enzymes carry the formula deep into the cellular levels with osmotic penetration, releasing the trademarked ingredient complex, Pene-Fusion 8™ Technology, deep into the...

RéGéN Flash Foaming Lotion

Our flash foaming cleanser is so gentle it works on the eye without stinging, deeply moisturizing as it instantly cleans even waterproof make-up. Cleans, nourishes and is 100% non-irritating even on the most sensitive skin. Deeply cleanses acne-prone skin quickly and thoroughly.

RéGéN ac / after care*

Utilizing a trademarked gel cream technology, RéGéN ac with Penefusion 8™ penetrates the dermis eight levels deep to create an I.C.E. (Inner Cellular Expansion) liquid bandage to stop the burn of chemical peels, radiation, lasers and catastrophic tragedy.

Lavender ICE Geleténe*

Lavender ICE Geleténe, an encapsulated hydrating enzyme gel formula provides perpetual cell reconstruction and hydration through fluid cell fertilization.

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